L'operetta "Cin Ci Là" di Teatro Musica Novecento al TCVI il 12 febbraio 2023!
Opera e Operette

Cin Ci Là

Compagnia Teatro Musica Novecento

Operetta with live orchestra


Sunday 12 February, 16:00Sala Maggiore

In Macau, the celebrations for the wedding of Prince Cyclamen and Princess Myosotis are suspended until the two naive spouses will not measure themselves with the most elementary duties of marriage. It will be the bizarre Parisian couple composed of the actress Cin Ci Là and her lover Petit Gris who will stir the spirits of the young lovers and start the party in the city again.
A fun and hilarious operetta for an ironic interpretation with gags and found suitable for an audience of all ages.

operetta in two acts of

Carlo Lombardo e Virgilio Ranzato


Salvatore Loritto

scenography and costumes

Artemio Cabassi

Orchestra “Cantieri d’Arte” director

Stefano Giaroli
with the participation

Corpo di Ballo Novecento


Alessandro Brachetti

Duration: 2 ore e 20 (compreso un intervallo)

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