“Culture is the only human good that, when it is shared among many, becomes greater rather than diminishing”. (H.G. Gadamer)

The City of Vicenza Civic Theater works to build an inclusive theater, where everyone can find a favorite genre and enjoy good entertainment. A Theater without its Audience loses its identity and its role, ceases to be alive and active, because it is precisely in the meeting between the artist and the viewer that a Theater becomes the cultural reference of the Community. The Civic Theater is proud of its relationship with its public - spectators, organizations and businesses, institutions - a diversified public that is informed, knowledgeable and demanding. It is a public that is loyal and enthusiastic.

In its role of attractor and processor of a new generation of culture, the TCVI Foundation produces innovation, organizes events of every kind and experiments with new and original forms of collaboration; it promotes the spread of culture throughout the area through awareness and the habit of consuming culture in the field of the performative arts and more, with the goal of contributing to create informed and participating spectators. In the relationship of the Theater with its community, it is becoming increasingly important to offer and produce new works, inspiring innovative visions of reality, creating active tools for change and rebirth, capable of generating wellbeing for the populace, from the physical, psychological and economic standpoint.