Organization Structure

Board of Directors


Enrico Hüllweck
Appointed in July 2020, he was the first President of the City of Vicenza Civic Theater Foundation, from 2007 to 2010; it was he, during his second term as Mayor of Vicenza (2003-2008), who established the Civic Theater, inaugurated in December 2007. A pediatrician, Mayor of Vicenza for two terms, he was a member of Congress in the 7th Legislature (1994-1996) and chief of the political secretariat of the Ministry for the Cultural Heritage and Activities from dal 2008 to 2011.


Roberto Sette
A lawyer, specialized in trial and administrative law, he is active in civil, criminal, administrative and fiscal law and in labor relations disputes; he is the councilor in charge of culture, tourism, non-sports associations and youth policies in the municipality of Malo.

Marco Lorenzi
A businessman who has always been involved in social issues, he is CEO of ItalOhm Srl, a company engaged in engineering and producing heating elements for industrial use, founded by his father and now part of the multinational German KRAH-Group, the world leader in the market of high-power heating elements for the automotive industry.

Board of Auditors

Antonio Baio
Giacomo Cavalieri President
Luigi De Anna

Organization Structure

General Secretaty

Pier Giacomo Cirella (

Artistic Director

Giancarlo Marinelli
Director and writer (he publishes for La Nave di Teseo), he is currently Artistic Director of the series of Classical Dramas at the Olympic Theater and of the Multidisciplinary Regional Circuit Arteven. He is an editorialist and teaches institutions of theater direction at the Academy of Arts in Rome; he is widely respected in the theatrical world for his emblematic staging of contemporary productions, using characters of the great literary traditions, myths and classical dramaturgy. He is president of the jury of the “Leonilde and Arnaldo Settembrini Veneto Region Literary Prize”.

Advertising, marketing and training projects

Marianna Giollo (
Alessandro Bevilacqua (
Giada Marcon (

Administration and accounting

Luigi Bertinato (
Marco Barcellona (

Technical Director

Enrico Berardi (

Production secretariat

Giovanni Ranoldi (

Public relations and press office

Lorenza Arzenton (

Administrative consultant

Ilaria Zaltron Dall'Armi (Studio Associato Padoan)

Labor consultant

Metis Studio Associato di Consulenza del Lavoro

Technical services

Ombre Rosse Srl

Tickets and ushering services

Panta Rhei srl (

Security and vigilance

GM Security - Vigilanza Civis

Graphic design

Brutal Digital Braveness