Who and what we are

The City of Vicenza Theater Foundation was established in 2007 to manage the Civic Theater of Vicenza, the “new” theater awaited for more than 60 years by the City of Vicenza. It is an entity incorporated under private law that performs a public cultural service; it interacts with other institutional bodies, both public and private, at the local and national level, to produce artistic events and live entertainment for the expansion of high quality cultural experience, to respond to the needs of different audiences, in a constantly changing social context.

The founding partners are the City of Vicenza and the Veneto Region, the supporting partners are the Cariverona Foundation and Intesa Sanpaolo; alongside them, a partnership has grown up to include local institutions and businesses that have followed and supported the evolution of the foundation, sharing its mission of producing culture, of Theater for Everyone, a place in which the bearers of interests from other “ecosystems” can acknowledge one another and contribute to the creation of value for the Community.