Tu meur(s) de Terre
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Tu meur(s) de Terre

Hamdi Dridi
Regional premiere


Saturday 1 April, 21:00Teatro Comunale di Vicenza - Sala del Ridotto

The Tunisian dancer Hamdi Dridi brings to the stage a poetic and moving solo that tells the story of his father and tries to evoke, through his body, that of the parent. «I dance a pain calmly, transforming a tumor into a poem» affirms the choreographer. The solo soon becomes a duo, the one between two bodies, between heaven and earth, to accept the pain resulting from the loss and prepare for a new possible encounter.

Tunisian dancer, Hamdi Dridi began his training in Tunis at the Sybel Ballet Théâtre company under the direction of Syhem Belkhodja. He continued his studies with Maguy Marin in 2010 and at the CNDC in Angers in 2013. Sensitive to vocal musicality, the narrated text takes a prominent place in his research, through which emerges the attempt to control the body to develop a quality of resistance between movement and scene. Today Dridi is perfecting his choreographic work with a Master at the Institut Chorégraphique International ICI-CCN in Montpellier (2015-2017), continuing to perform on the French, North African and other international contexts.

choreography and performerHamdi Dridi
in collaboration with

David Millemann (compositore presso il Pont Superieur di Rennes/Dipartimento musica), Marine Oger e Jean-Charles Bessonneau (Club photo d’Angers)


Maxime Avon

with the support of

CNDC d’Angers, Hafiz Dhaou/Chatha Compagny, William Petit/Fabrik Nomade Company Gianni Joseph, Seifeddine Manai/Brotha di Another Motha Compagny

Duration: 35 minuti

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