Come neve
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Come neve

Adriano Bolognino
Nazionale premiere and coproduction

Si avvisa che per ragioni tecniche lo spettacolo, in programma inizialmente al Teatro Spazio Bixio, andrà in scena nella Sala del Ridotto del Teatro Comunale di Vicenza.
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Saturday 1 April, 19:00Teatro Comunale di Vicenza - Sala del Ridotto

"When this new work was commissioned to me, I immediately started thinking about the idea of ​​well-being, what "feeling good" means to me and how dance can translate this condition. The image from which I started is that of the snow you observe when you are small from outside the window. I contemplated the white of the outside and the warmth of the inside, the sense of protection and community that one often feels in these moments. Before starting to work with the bodies of the dancers, I thought of creating an environment that already reflected the idea of ​​creation, starting with their clothes. So I decided to involve a group of women in the project "The crochet club", who, during the pandemic, came together to reinvent themselves , rediscovering an art, transforming it into a new job. Courageously finding a new light from which to restart and draw well-being in such a dark moment for everyone. Perfectly embodying my sense of well-being. In this discovering, comforting and confront each other. I am very fascinated by this art, by the poetry that transforms a thread into a dress, if guided by the right hands. This precious handcrafted embroidery makes me think of the bodies of dancers, craftsmen themselves, who with body and movement are capable of giving life to something new, creative, original. Something unique, like a snowflake falling to the ground. This is a surprising affinity, since it is said that crochet work was born in a small village, where a lady, very skilled in craftsmanship, was fascinated by the spectacle of snowflakes falling on her windowsill and tried to reproduce their beauty with a cotton thread and a large curved needle. By intertwining these elements, I would like to invade the viewer with a sudden snowfall of moving bodies, to stop his time in front of a serene contemplation. For me, well-being is just that. Embrace a passion, share it. Mend a relationship with a loved one. Discovering a new part of yourself and committing yourself to nurturing it, always sewing a new piece of it. Composing a choreography as if it were crochet: an intricate yet sophisticated weave, a conscious weave that generates new forms. Build, sew, mend, reinvent."

Adriano Bolognino was born in Naples in 1995. He works as a dancer in young companies such as Milano Contemporary Ballet, Valencia Dancing Forward and StudioXL Reggio Emilia, dancing creations by Wayne McGregor, Marcos Morau, Roberto Altamura/Vittoria Brancadoro, Joan Crespo, Francesco Curci, Natalia Iwaniec, Damian Munoz, Laura Matano, Nicoletta Cabassi. In 2018 he worked with the choreographer Jorge Crecis as a dancer and then as an assistant at the University of the Arts in Malta. As a choreographer, in 2019 he created for the EgriBianco company the creation "Your body is a battle ground - trio version" and the creation "Preludio dell'anima" for the OCDP training project in Verona. His creations are staged in national and international festivals, exhibitions and theaters including Cross Festival Verbania 2019, Peccati di Chore / Opifico in Rome, LDIF Leicester, Whatwe are Udine, Opus 1 Slovenia, Corpo Mobile Festival, Inventaria Festival, Monday Dance Naples , Ammutinamenti Festival, Fabbrica Europa 2020, Gender Bender Festival 2020, Estate Fiorentina 2019, Prospettiva Danza Padova 2020, and Biennale Danza College Choreographers 2019, where he created The most alive of dead cities. With “RM94978 from Paris to Tenerife”, a work selected for the showcase of young authorial dance 2019 Anticorpi XL, she was a finalist for the TWAIN_direzioniAltre Award and won the Prospettiva Danza Teatro di Padova Award in 2019. He is one of the choreographers of Anghiari Dance Hub 2019, where he creates "Gli Amanti". The Venice Biennale commissions him a new work for the 2020 festival (“Your body is a battleground - solo version”) with the production of Cornelia. The creation "The Lovers" is selected for the Aerowaves 21 platform.

choreographyAdriano Bolognino
dancersRosaria Di Maro e Noemi Caricchia
musicOlafur Arnalds/Josin
costumeClub dell’uncinetto, Napoli
coproductionKörper - Centro Nazionale di Produzione della danza / Fondazione Teatro Comunale Città di Vicenza - Festival Danza in Rete
with the support ofOrsolina28
special thanksC.A.M. Museum, Francesco Aurisicchio Photographer, Mirko Ingrao
commissioned byIstituto Di Cultura Italiano ad Oslo, Ambasciata d’Italia in Norvegia, Nitja Samtidskunts
with the support ofKOMM TANZ/PASSO NORD
Compagnia Abbondanza/Bertoni's Artistic Residences Project in collaboration with

Comune di Rovereto

Duration: 30 minuti


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