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Marco Pergallini and Maria Stella Pitarresi
Nazionale premiere and coproduction 

> Vincitore del premio “Teatro San Materno- Ascona” (Svizzera) per il Festival Presente Futuro 2021 presso il Teatro Libero di Palermo
> Vincitore del bando Citofonare Pimoff 22/23
> Vincitore del bando di residenza “Portraits on Stage 2022”
> Finalista del ‘Premio Internazionale Prospettiva Danza Teatro 2022”


Saturday 22 April, 21:00Teatro Comunale di Vicenza - Sala del Ridotto

The "sinopia" is the preparatory layer of the drawing in which red clay is used, thanks to which the complete phase of a work gradually takes shape. In the biblical sense, the sinopia of the human being can be traced back to the figure of Adam and Eve, man and woman, the first layers of an entire genus. The starting point on which the company has focused concerns everything that can be traced back to the concept of principle, everything that is life even before life itself.

The duo, made up of Marco Pergallini and Maria Stella Pitarresi, was born from the need to create and propose something authentic after having shared a work experience at the same dance production centre. The awareness between the two artists of a common interest in sharing a similar physical and artistic language was instrumental. The creative process is structured from a four-handed writing where the technique of both is in function of a further physical expression, both as individual interpreters and in the work of a couple. Another reason that gave birth to the collaboration of the two was the desire to move towards a direction that they found suited to their background and the curiosity of how it could mix and develop in the process of a creation. They choose to focus on a purely physical language where elements of floorwork, research on unison and partnering work intertwine. This is how the first study together comes to life, where the poetics of work investigates the basis for achieving a 'sensitive revolution': that dimension that sees the physicality and the impact of the body as the protagonist, flanked by poetic research. The duo, after a first artistic residency in 2021 at the Supercinema, Spazio Fani and Teatro il Rivellino in Tuscania (VT) supported by Twain Centro di Produzione Danza, win the selection of the 'atuttotondodanza' project – creative residencies for artists, Vigonza (PD ), which saw them engaged in a second artistic residence followed by a tutoring and by the playwright Stefano Tomassini. On this occasion, thanks to the collaboration with Padova Danza, Echidnacultura, the SferaDanza present 'Sinopia' at the Teatro Quirino De Giorgio.

Also in 2021 'Sinopia' is selected and presented at the Strabismi/Exotropia 2021 Festival, Cannara (PG). Subsequently 'Sinopia' was selected for the 'Presente Futuro 2021' Festival at the Teatro Libero in Palermo where it won the 'Teatro San Materno-Ascona' (Switzerland) award. In October of the same year he was a guest at the 'Focus Giovani', an evening dedicated to young author dance under 35 at the Supercinema of Tuscania (VT). In 2022, in residence at Home choreographic creation center / Dance Gallery (PG). In the same year he was selected through the Risonanze Network dossier for the '22 edition of the Public Domain Festival - 'The city for the under 25s'; selected for “Twilight in the round-Florence Dance Festival 2022” (FI), selected for “Umbria Danza Festival 2022” (PG) and “ Performare Festival 2022”; he is the winner of the “Portraits on stage 2022” residency call, winner of the “Citofonare Pimoff” call 22/23 and finalist at the “Prospettiva Danza Teatro 2022 international award”.

di e conMarco Pergallini, Maria Stella Pitarresi
produzioneTwain Centro di Produzione Danza
con il contributo diMIC – Ministero della Cultura, Regione Lazio, Fondazione Carivit
con il sostegno diHome centro creazione coreografica 2022
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