HOW TO_just another Boléro + All you need is
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HOW TO_just another Boléro + All you need is

Emanuele Rosa e Maria Focaraccio
Prima regionale

Artisti segnalati da Roberto Tedesco, Artista in Rete 2023

at the opening of the evening

HOW TO_just another Boléro

concept, choreography and performers Emanuele Rosa e Maria Focaraccio
costume Emanuele Rosa & Maria Focaraccio
light Michele Piazzi
dramatic support Carlotta Jarchow
with the support of Morphine Raum, Berlin, C&C Company / Carlo Massari, Bologna

> creation selected for the Vetrina della giovane danza d'autore 2021 - azione del Network Anticorpi XL
> winning project of Call from the Aisle 2021, supported by CURA Centro Umbro Residenze Artistiche, Corsia Of - Centro di Creazione Contemporanea, Micro Macro Terra Marique

In HOW TO _ just another Boléro the two authors and performers are forced into a cage without bars; like domesticated animals dependent on each other, they are observed from the outside as the main attractions of a zoo. A research on HOW we behave, touch, cooperate, help each other, love each other... between dramatic and sometimes ironic tones.


Saturday 15 April, 21:00Teatro Astra Vicenza

Starting from figures of some traditional couple dances such as tango, waltz, salsa… "all you need is" intends to explore and question the logic of binary oppositions that dominate our system of thought, our culture and our society through the introduction of a third element "into the relationship".

EM + | Emanuele Rosa & Maria Focaraccio represents the project that combines the choreographic practices of Emanuele Rosa and Maria Focaraccio, both authors and interpreters of the works. The collaboration between Emanuele and Maria was born from an instinctive artistic connection, an intense exchange of ideas and a lasting bond of friendship. What is the essence of everyone's expression? What makes us different? What are the same instead? In an attempt to answer these questions and focusing on the diversity, fragility and vulnerability of every body and person, Emanuele Rosa and Maria Focaraccio have started a research and work journey focused on the issue of gender. Taking care not to take themselves too seriously and leaving a veil of irony on the investigated themes, the two young authors bring the world around them to the stage, sweetened. The work of Emanuele and Maria starts from the archives of classical and contemporary dance, the educational and professional baggage of both, meets the languages ​​of visual and performing art and is constantly open to collaborations with various artists on the European scene.

concept & coreografiaEmanuele Rosa e Maria Focaraccio
performanceEmanuele Rosa, Maria Focaraccio, Armando Rossi
musicaDavid Gold & Gordon Rees, John Surman, Bee Gees
coproduzioneC&C Company e S'ALA / spazio per artist+
con il sostegno diTwain_Centro di Produzione Danza, PERIFERIE  ARTISTICHE_Centro di Residenza del Lazio, KOMM TANZ / Passo Nord, CURA - Centro Umbro Residenze Artistiche, Corsia Of - Centro di Creazione Contemporanea, Micro Teatro Terra Marique
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