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Hit me!

Francesca Foscarini/Collettivo Jennifer rosa


Thursday 16 March, 21:00Palcoscenico Sala Maggiore

The performance is built starting from a playlist of songs closely linked to a biographical fact of the performer: the songs at the top of the charts on her birthday, from birth to today. The best hits, representative of an era, pursue her one after the other: pieces that she hasn't chosen but that concern her, songs that she finds on her, marathon of a life in which to throw herself, in an ever-changing improvisation. Among improbable repertoires and anarchies of movement, another dance arrives and embodies itself, to generate energies, drifts and abandonments, in and out of time, between kitsch and tragedy. Or simply being with what is, in favor of an inconclusiveness that is proper to life.

Francesca Foscarini was born in Bassano del Grappa and has been living in Salento for about two years. Her journey as a dancer and performer begins very young with Roberto Castello and then continues with Sara Wiktorowicz, Marco d'Agostin, Alessandro Sciarroni, Yasmeen Godder and with the Jennifer Rosa Collective. In 2016 he met Cosimo Lopalco with whom he created the most recent works: Animale, Oro. The art of resisting (both DANCE & DANCE AWARD 2018), Museo dell'Elsewhere - Giulia, Italy, Caruso (2020-2021), Punk. Kill me please (2021), Museum. Landscapes of the Body and Greta on the beach (2022).

concept e regia

Chiara Bortoli, Francesca Raineri/Jennifer rosa

performerFrancesca Foscarini
consolleChiara Bortoli
tecnicFiorenzo Zancan
coproductionJennifer rosa, Associazione Culturale Van
with the support ofFestival Danza in Rete/Fondazione Teatro Comunale di Vicenza, Spazio Voll Vicenza

Duration: 50 minuti

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