Gōlem - synthetic love | Live eletronics
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Gōlem - synthetic love | Live eletronics

Esklan Art's Factory
National premiere

Gōlem, dall’ebraico embrione, massa grezza.
Materia a cui ancora non è stata infusa un’anima.


Saturday 10 July, 20:30Teatro Astra di Schio

In "Gōlem - synthetic love" Erika Silgoner focuses on that desire to "transmute" the inanimate and the unattainable into a body-soul of love that has always represented for the human being an extreme seduction and a false landing place. On stage a new "Pigmalione" and its gōlem, object of the desire of possession, of beauty, of love, lead us in a dance full of vortices and rips, of falls and ascents to denounce all the "synthetic loves" of our lives.

choreografer and directorErika Silgoner
original musicSamuel Puggioni
dancersGloria Ferrari, Giovanni Leone
co-productionDanceHauspiù - Festival tanzOFFensive Eisfabrik

Duration: 30 minuti

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