"Amən" di EM+ al TCVI il 6 dicembre 2023!
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EM+ | Emanuele Rosa & Maria Focaraccio



Wednesday 6 December, 21:00Sala del Ridotto

Amen is the title of the performance that Emanuele Rosa and Maria Focaraccio intend to create and interpret on the theme of gender stereotypes and representations. In it, the authors wish to carry out a physical research on gestures and poses considered identifying male and female at a social and cultural level, with the aim of revealing their artificiality and thus de-constructing them.
The Hebrew word amen (which gives the title to the work) derives from the semantic root "mn" with the sense of "to be firm" and has the meaning of "to be sure, true". But how does the body relate to the truth? What does he look like when he lies? Does it imitate or is it imitated? How can the body perform “masculinity” or “femininity”? How does the body relate to embodying certain postures, gestures or attitudes? Can a male body move to a female and vice versa?

These are the questions that mark and guide Amen's research path, together with the representations in the history of Western art and the representations in the advertising world of "femininity" and "masculinity".
A duo at the first light of sunset, where the sunset is meant to be a metaphor for the end; symbol in the West of the decline of its values and cultural constructions, we want to celebrate the epilogue and the failure of binary and discriminatory systems of thought towards the exceptional and the difference.

concept, choreography and performanceEmanuele Rosa, Maria Focaraccio
coproductionEM+, C&C Company / Carlo Massari,  S’ALA Spazio per Artist+ | igorxmoreno
with the support ofBacksteinboot (Berlino), TWAIN _ Centro di Produzione Danza (IT), PERIFERIE ARTISTICHE _ Centro di Residenza del Lazio (IT), ResiDance XL - luoghi e progetti di residenza per creazioni coreografiche azione della Rete Anticorpi XL - Network Giovane Danza D'autore coordinata da L'arboreto - Teatro Dimora di Mondaino
light designCristina Spelti
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