"Perfect Timing - work in progress" della Compagnie WCS al TCVI il 18 novembre 2023!
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Perfect Timing - work in progress

Compagnie WCS

Work in progress


Saturday 18 November, 21:00Sala del Ridotto

Balancing all kinds of objects on their heads, two jugglers voluntarily place themselves in difficult situations, timed with extreme precision. Time becomes the dangerous aspect of their inventive games. Artists break the fourth wall and are constantly confronted with improbability. Their childhood obsessions take them far and turn into circus feats. Perfect Timing is a show by two professional balance artists, where yes, any object on stage risks ending up on their heads. From plants to electronic devices, bicycles, towers with multiple objects, giant balloons and even footballs. Alongside the balancing of objects, the artists engage in various actions that create strong dramatic tension and poetic metaphorical images. The artists aim to question the philosophical aspects of time by fighting it, deceiving it, lengthening it and even stopping it completely. The intention is to take the audience on a journey through time, where they can savor samples of juggling haute cuisine and explore the incredible history of juggling. In Perfect Timing, the artists establish a close and direct communication with the audience. The goal of the show is to create an intimate atmosphere sprinkled with funny and absurd moments.

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