"Rua da Saudade" di Adriano Bolognino al TCVI in prima regionale il 3 maggio 2024!
Luoghi del Contemporaneo Danza

Rua da Saudade

Adriano Bolognino
Regional premiere

> Creation selected for NID Platform Open Studios 2021, DNA  Appunti Coreografici 2021, Certamen Coreografico Sabadell 2021, Call for Creation Orsolina28 2021, Twain Direzioni Altre 2021
> Winner of Cortoindanza 2021


Friday 3 May, 20:45Sala Maggiore

Saudade is a tight knot around the past, a rib of the present. Saudade is looking ahead, towards what does not yet exist or which perhaps will never exist. And so feel life with all the pores of the skin, learn to give the right value to everything around us. Saudade is a swing. An atmosphere, a state of mind, painted by the infinite power of images. By studying how this sentiment found expression, Adriano Bolognino delved into the poetics of Fernando Pessoa and his great aesthetic creation: the invention of heteronyms. Inspired, therefore, by the four main literary personalities of the Portuguese writer, four dancers will interpret different heteronyms with autonomous identities. Each of them felt and explored their own intimate form of Saudade, then relating it to that of the others. With this work Adriano Bolognino experiences a particular feeling that can be crossed alone and in company. A creation that has lack and desire inside. Heartbreak and tenderness.

conceptAdriano Bolognino
performersRosaria Di Maro, Noemi Caricchia, Sofia Galvan, Roberta Fanzini
costume designTns Brand
light designGianni Staropoli
dramaturgGregor Acuna-Pohl
texts edited byRosa Coppola
productionTorino Danza Festival/Teatro Stabile di Torino - Teatro Nazionale, Orsolina28, Fondazione I Teatri Reggio Emilia\ Festival Aperto, Cornelia
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