"Danse macabre!" di Jacopo Jenna al TCVI in prima regionale il 13 aprile 2024!
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Danse macabre!

Jacopo Jenna
Regional premiere

In alcuni momenti dello spettacolo sono presenti immagini video e luci stroboscopiche/intermittenti ad alta frequenza


Saturday 13 April, 20:45Palcoscenico Sala Maggiore

The Danse Macabre is a late medieval tradition that combines visual art, architecture, poetry and other languages. It is one of the most developed iconographic themes in the history of Western art, also extremely linked to the spread of the Black Death, an epidemic which claimed millions of victims throughout Europe at the end of the Middle Ages, but which brought out a more complex thought about reality, which he saw the man attempting to delve deeper into his relationship to the earthly world.
The dance of the dead derives from the more general concept that every supramundane and afterlife movement is dance: the stars, the gods, the spirits, nature dance. Danse Macabre! it is an austere invitation to dance towards the unknown, linking and affirming relationships with the current world, researching through a visionary mix of dancing bodies, films, electronic music and light.

The project seeks to reveal a new form of macabre dance, aware of its pre-modern virtuality, developing a dance that reveals itself by freeing itself from epidemic stress.
Danse Macabre! aims to stimulate, through a visual score, both the physical memory of the performers and the free associations of the spectator. Through the inclusion of a film as a third element of the scenic construction which, by recording some parts of the choreography from different angles and projected in synchrony with the live dancers, will seek an experience of perceptive displacement of the spectator.

Reality dances with non-reality, real time exists simultaneously with illusionistic time.
The figures mirror each other, double as doppelgänger, incorporating their own image, becoming not only performers, but bilocated incarnations of the movement on stage. A perceptive reversibility between the phenomenal body and the visual body, between hearing and seeing, a mirror that extends the reflective relationship that the body has with itself.

concept, choreography and directionJacopo Jenna
dance and collaborationRamona Caia, Sara Sguotti, Andrea Dionisi, Francesco Ferrari
sound designAlberto Ricca - Bienoise
artistic consultantRoberto Fassone
light designMattia Bagnoli
costume designEva di Franco
productionKlm - Kinkaleri
coproductionTanzhaus nrw Düsseldorf
with the support ofIstituto Italiano di Cultura di Colonia MiC-Direzione generale arti performative; CollaborAction XL | azione Network Anticorpi XL supporto per la danza d’autore; Progetto Etape Danse sostenuto da Mosaico Danza/ Festival Interplay con La Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo e il Festival Torino Danza, Bureau du Théâtre et de la Danse à Berlin, Fabrik Potsdam, La Maison centre de développement chorégraphique national Uzès Gard Occitanie, Théâtre de Nîmes.

Duration: 1 ora (senza intervallo)

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