"Pasionaria" di La Veronal al TCVI in prima regionale il 5 aprile 2024!


La Veronal
Regional premiere

Prima dello spettacolo, alle ore 20.00, nella Sala del Ridotto, condotto da Carmelo Zapparrata, giornalista e critico di danza per Hystrio, Classic Voice, Danza&Danza e La Repubblica-Bologna.


Friday 5 April, 20:45Sala MaggioreBuy ticketBuy

Imagine that place everyone talks about. The place into which we will change all this. That world that is a result of all our efforts throughout these years. That place we call progress.

We could call that place, that planet, Pasionaria. Beings similar to us, who have been perfectly designed to imitate us, live there. What we call life has become an artificial landscape and its inhabitants have turned into technological gadgets that have lost any kind of passion. The present in which we live makes us imagine a future in which we have simply stopped feeling. A future in which we do not even aspire to differentiate ourselves or feel that we are living our own life.

The poet Leopoldo María Panero wrote: “I destroy myself to know that I am me and not all of them.” We understand that pain and passion are what differentiate us from robots or statues, and we will use those inert bodies in this piece to look at ourselves, find differences and discover whether we are still alive.

Pasionaria questions the emotional detachment that we are moving towards. A reflection on the idea of progress that is being imposed on us. The artificial world which we are pushed towards and violently thrown into, where individualism and moral cowardice is turning the current world into a place of defenceless adults. A future that is obviously too far away.

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