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Collettivo Jennifer Rosa


Saturday 4 March, 19:00Spazio AB23
Saturday 4 March, 19:40Spazio AB23

The performance moves from Alberto Giacometti, of whom Annette Arm was wife and model. Portrait on the threshold of the formless, Annette is a whole composed to undo, results in taking away, works on the minimum, in the silence of the gesture. Removed from storytelling, description, the symbolic, the intimate, it hangs in the balance between objectivity and artifice, presence and appearance. Annette, one of Jennifer Rosa's very few written works, embarks on a writing adventure that draws on an inner sediment, but also on the concrete. Shreds of matter hang in the void, in a timeless texture, resistant over the years.

JENNIFER ROSA is an artistic collective active since 2005, based in Vicenza at the VOLL space.
It is composed by Chiara Bortoli, Francesca Raineri, Francesca Contrino, Vasco Manea for the performative part, by Andrea Rosset and Fiorenzo Zancan for the visual part. He has produced about thirty works which include performances and video and photographic installations, presented in festivals, events and exhibitions in Italy, France, Germany, United States, Uruguay.

di e conFrancesca Raineri
materiali sonoriVeniero Rizzardi
produzioneJennifer rosa


Duration: 20 minuti

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