"Le serve" con Eva Robin's, Beatrice Vecchione, Matilde Vigna al TCVI il 20 marzo 2024!
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Le serve

Eva Robin's, Beatrice Vecchione, Matilde Vigna


Wednesday 20 March, 20:45Sala del Ridotto

Jean Genet's masterpiece, loosely based on a news story that shook French public opinion in the 1930s, Le serve is a perfect theater device within the theater that lays bare the falsehood of the stage, "an extraordinary example of continuous reversal between being and appearing, between imagination and reality”, in the words of Jean-Paul Sartre.

The story written by Genet is that of two maids who both love and hate their mistress, Madame. The servants denounced her lover with anonymous letters. Learning that the lover will be released for lack of evidence, and that their betrayal will be discovered, they try to assassinate Madame, fail, they want to kill each other.sound dramaturgy

authorJean Genet
castEva Robin’s, Beatrice Vecchione, Matilde Vigna
directionVeronica Cruciani
translationMonica Capuani
adaptationVeronica Cruciani
set designPaola Villani
costume designErika Carretta
sound dramaturgyJohn Cascone
coproductionCMC/Nidodiragno, Emilia Romagna Teatro ERT / Teatro Nazionale, Teatro Stabile di Bolzano
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