"Un onesto e parziale discorso sui massimi sistemi" di Pietro Angelini al TCVI il 7 marzo 2024!
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Un onesto e parziale discorso sui massimi sistemi

Pietro Angelini

> Selected for Visionari Kilowatt Festival 2020


Thursday 7 March, 20:45Sala del RidottoBuy ticketBuy

An honest and partial discourse on top systems is a show poised between irony and despair, conceived as a self-portrait of the author and simultaneously as an X-ray of the contemporary historical, social and artistic context.

Pietro comes to terms in a cleverly naive way with the events of his life as a young man, as an actor, as a son with a strong sense of responsibility and as an individual with so many questions to ask the world. His is a flow of thoughts, concepts and anecdotes, which manifests itself through a cross-media language and which becomes theatrical material by drawing an intimate and psychological profile of the protagonist.
Discovering his inactivity during a period of work as a mask in the theater, standing still for 5 or 10 hours a day, the only way for Pietro to react is as impetuous as the sudden derailment of a train that runs endlessly on a track circular.

So here is the flow of ideas, projects and all those inventions never made, on which it cost too much effort to get to work and which are now finally taking shape.
All, side by side, build a first rudimentary economic system, define an unexplored art market and generate the concrete possibility of earning money.

After all, we're all here for art, aren't we?

written and performed byPietro Angelini
sound designFilippo Lilli
light designParide Donatelli
productive resicenceCarrozzerie | N.O.T.

Duration: 60 minuti (senza intervallo)

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