"Sette spose per sette fratelli" con Diana De Bufalo e Baz al TCVI il 9 e 10 aprile 2024!

Sette spose per sette fratelli

Diana Del Bufalo e Baz


Tuesday 9 April, 20:45Sala Maggiore
Wednesday 10 April, 20:45Sala Maggiore

We are in Oregon in 1850, on a farm in the mountains live the seven Pontipee brothers: Adam, Benjamin, Caleb, Daniel, Ephraim, Filidoro and Gedeone. Adam the older brother realizes that the time has come to find a wife who takes care of the house and the kitchen.
One day he goes to the city to sell skins and meets Milly, the maid of the village inn. Love at first sight strikes between the two. Adam and Milly get married and leave for the farm. Arrived at the Pontipee house, Milly has her unwelcome surprise, she discovers that she will have to take care not only of her husband, but also of her brothers, six rough mountaineers quarrelsome and refractory to personal hygiene and good manners.
After some initial effort, Milly begins to put the six boys in line and seeing them improve thanks to her care, Milly secretly begins planning to unite the six brothers-in-law with her friends from the village. The auspicious occasion presents itself during an annual dance party where the six Pontipee brothers, clean and well dressed, demonstrate their dancing skills to Milly's friends. The party will see opposing teams of citizens and mountaineers, soon degenerating into a violent brawl. The townspeople, jealous of the Pontipee brothers' success with the girls, constantly taunt the lumberjacks until they relent.
The Pontipee brothers disconsolately return to their farm and Milly discovers that her six boys have fallen in love with her friends. However, they know that the parents of the girls will never consent to the wedding, so they organize a kidnapping, just like the Romans did with the rape of the Sabine women. An avalanche prevents relatives from reaching the abductees, so the winter passes. By the time fathers, brothers and ex-boyfriends join them in the spring, the girls are in love too. All that remains is a general marriage.

principal actorsDiana De Bufalo e Baz
cast22 interpreti (danzatori, cantanti, attori)
choreography and directionLuciano Cannito
libretto Lawrence Kasha & David Landay 
liricsJohnny Mercer
musicGene de Paul 
addicional songsAl Kasha e Joel Hirschhorn
set designItalo Grassi 
costume designSilvia Aymonino
light designAlessandro Caso
musical directionPeppe Vessicchio

Duration: 2 ore (compreso un intervallo)

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