"Gran Gala du Cirque" al TCVI il 3 gennaio 2024!

Gran Gala du Cirque

Mosaico Errante

“Lo show delle meraviglie”
Il Corriere della Sera


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After the huge success of 2019, the Gran Gala du Cirque returns to Vicenza, with a completely new show and a renewed cast chosen from among the best contemporary performers.

As in a dream, the most creative circus performers in the world take turns on stage. A magnificent theater-circus show, halfway between the suspense of the classic circus and the charm of contemporary dance. A show of the highest artistic level, between intense poetry and great comedy.
The Gran Gala du Cirque brings the essence of the circus to the theatre. Acrobats, trapeze artists, jugglers and body virtuosos alternate on stage, flanked by the main representatives of visual poetic comedy. An evocative carousel representative of the most captivating trends in today's live entertainment.

An original format, which blends tradition and innovation, recovering the variety of the classic circus and inserting it into the modern forms of popular entertainment. The Gran Gala du Cirque is a multiverse made up of ever-expanding worlds in which visions and emotions accumulate: each number brought on stage projects the spectator into different atmospheres, colors and feelings. The typical tale of the nouveau cirque is refracted, like in a kaleidoscope, in many different stories, a succession of poetic, adrenaline-pumping, comical scenes, which restore the thousand facets of existence.

To accompany the spectators on this journey, the quartet of Ukrainian mimes Dekru. Already protagonists of the version staged in 2019, the award-winning artists from Kiev guide the public in the exploration of the infinite spaces inside and outside the human being.

written and directed byRaffaele De Ritis e Alessandro Serena
light designAndrea Ginestra
productionMosaico Errante distribuita in esclusiva mondiale da Circo e dintorni

Duration: 90 minuti

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