"Ai miei tempi non era così..." di e con Maurizio Battista al TCVI il 25 novembre 2023!

Ai miei tempi non era così...

Maurizio Battista

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Saturday 25 November, 20:45Sala Maggiore

Are we really sure that the past coincides with the idea of ​​"old" and the present with the idea of ​​a "new" that forces us to trudge after it, until we grow old before our time?... And who has it said that happiness consists in an accumulation of "special effects" or rather, as it once was, in knowing how to have fun with so little that it was we who felt "special?" ...Amidst these and other questions, Maurizio Battista moves, in a very precise "slalom" so as not to hit the stakes of hypocrisy and ignorance, hoisted up by the present era. In this regard, the theater hall will reproduce a cinema hall from many years ago, in which, through the projection of old films, we will understand how we have made a "film" of this presumed modernity that does not correspond to our real needs and that often makes you say "in my day it wasn't like this..."

Duration: 2 ore (senza intervallo)

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