"Il Gruffalò" di Fondazione Aida al TCVI il 7 maggio 2023!
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Fondazione Aida


Sunday 7 May, 18:00Sala Maggiore

A musical show for families, inspired by the adventures of the famous character created by Julia Donaldson and Alex Scheffler. In the leafy forest a mouse invents the monster named Gruffalò to escape the pitfalls it finds in its path. He will soon discover that the woods are hiding a new cute friend with tremendous fangs and sharp claws, and wet drool monster teeth, gnarled knees and terrible claws, and a green lump on top of his big nose! And orange eyes, and a mushy tongue ... And purple quills on the fur!

adaptation and directionManuel Renga
dramaturgyPino Costalunga
director assistantChiara Serangeli
castStefano Colli, Gaia Carmagnani, Giuseppe Brancato, Elisa Lombardi
original musicPatrizio Maria D’Artista
choreographyElisa Cipriani e Luca Condello
assistente musicaleLeonardo Schiavo
vocal coachEleonora Beddini
puppetsMariangela Gabrieli (Mondo alla Rovescia)

Duration: 1 ora (senza intervallo)

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