"Kohlhaas" con Marco Baliani al TCVI il 28 gennaio 2023!
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Marco Baliani


Saturday 28 January, 20:45Sala del Ridotto

Masterpiece of the art of the oral story, taken from the novel of the same name by Heinrich Wilhelm von Kleist Kolhaas is a story, which really happened in Germany in 1500, that of a horse breeder who suffers an abuse: Baron von Tronka unjustly takes two blacks away from him and has his servant beaten. The sting that Kohlhaas feels in his heart when he realizes that he will not have justice, soon turns into a chasm that makes him fall into the abyss of those who seek justice for themselves and become unfair.

from the novel“Michael Kohlhaas” di Heinrich von Kleist
adaptationMarco Baliani e Remo Rostagno
castMarco Baliani
directorMaria Maglietta

Duration: 1 ora e 15 minuti

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