Ottetto dell'Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio a Musica delle Tradizioni 2021
Musica delle Tradizioni

Ottetto dell'Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio


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The Octet that will perform for the Festival of Traditions is a so-called "pocket" ensemble of the Orchestra of Piazza Vittorio. Composed of musicians of disparate origins, it represents the synthesis of fourteen years spent playing together. It is on stage that this group formed and grew, varying dimensions, instruments and languages ​​and thus building its image.

The eight musicians are authors and performers of often autobiographical pieces that reflect their culture and their personal musical style. There are two sources of inspiration that have guided them in these long years of activity: the journey and the encounter. During a trip, it is not only the places that change but also the travelers themselves. The numerous live performances on tours in Italy and around the world have stimulated the musicians to get to know each other.
The meeting fostered the exchange of artistic experiences and allowed the continuous enrichment of their repertoire. The goal of the concert is to give the viewer back the sensations and emotions experienced when the piece by a single musician becomes the heritage of the whole ensemble.

Over the years, the Piazza Vittorio Orchestra has received numerous international awards. In 2020 he won the 65th edition of the David di Donatello as "Best Musician" for the Magic Flute of Piazza Vittorio, an overwhelming rewrite of Mozart's opera.

Emanuele Bultrini (Italy)guitars
Peppe D’Argenzio (Italy)sax
Ernesto Lopez Maturell (Cuba)drums and vocal
Omar Lopez Valle (Cuba)trumpet
Carlos Paz Duque (Ecuador)vocal and flutes
Pino Pecorelli (Italia)electric bass
“Kaw” Dialy Mady Sissoko (Senegal)vocal and kora
Ziad Trabelsi (Tunisia)oud and vocal
Hersi Matmuja (Albania)vocal


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Due to the security measures to contain the Covid19 emergency, we inform that tickets to participate in the show are limited and is expected the separation in the room also for spouses, cohabiting partners and persons from the same household. The tickets are nominal. In case of purchase of tickets for multiple spectators, it will also be necessary to enter the personal data and email address of each participant.

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