"Capolavori" con Mauro Berruto al TCVI il 24 febbraio 2024!


Mauro Berruto

Prima dello spettacolo, alle ore 20.00 nella Sala del Ridotto, condotto da Marco Ghiotto, ideatore e direttore editoriale vicult.net.


Saturday 24 February, 20:45Sala MaggioreBuy ticketBuy

When it comes to masterpieces, the first thought goes to art: painting, sculpture, architecture, cinema, theatre, music or literature, but what about sporting feats?

Mauro Berruto, former coach of the Italian national volleyball team who won, among others, the bronze medal at the London 2012 Olympic Games, leads us on a passionate investigation that will make us discover how the gesture of coaching is not exclusive to those who enter a locker room, but daily practice to bring people together, transform them into teams and direct them towards the goal.
During the evening Diego Armando Maradona will dribble with Michelangelo, Jury Chechi will challenge Yves Klein, Muhammad Ali and Kostantinos Kavafis will compose poems, because athletes, artists and poets are part of the same team: a space where each individual can express their talent and build your own personal masterpiece.

A journey full of emotions towards Ithaca, a destination for those who dream of winning a medal, of painting a work of art, conquering a market share or, simply, of being able to give the best of themselves on every occasion.

lecture show ofMario Berruto
directionRoberto Tarasco
productionCMC/Nidodiragno Produzioni
the book ''Capolavori. Allenare, allenarsi, guardare altrove'' di Mauro Berruto is published byAdd Editore

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