"Ai nostri tempi (biblici)" di e con Gioele Dix al TCVI il 23 gennaio 2024!
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Ai nostri tempi (biblici)

Gioele Dix

La Grande Età nel Grande Libro, Slalom speciale fra narrazioni letterarie e considerazioni personali


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The longevity of the patriarchs of the Bible has been variously commented and interpreted. Some view it as a foolish act of God's trust in mankind. Others read it as a legendary projection of man's desire to leave a mark. Gioele Dix, between biblical passages and literary passages of different backgrounds, tries to untangle the tangled skein and offer a personal vision of him. A special evening dedicated, with passion and irony, to all women and men who have no intention of growing old.

Mixing his own words with those of others - from the great ancient classics to the new emerging contemporary voices - Gioele Dix moves easily between discoveries and surprises, literary considerations and personal memories, unraveling the hidden thread that binds authors and stories that are only apparently distant from each other. And she shows us from time to time how laughter and humor make it possible in unexpected and dazzling ways to rediscover identities and truths that were thought lost.

written, directed and performed byGioele Dix

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