"Gospel in Vicenza 2024" con la Bassano Bluespiritual Band al TCVI il 7 gennaio 2024!

Gospel in Vicenza 2024

Bassano Bluespiritual Band


Sunday 7 January, 18:00Sala Maggiore

Born twenty years ago under the impetus of Gospel music, the Bassano Bluespiritual Band has also experimented with other musical fields: the repertoire has in fact been enriched passing from traditional songs of African-American matrix up to probing pop, rock, even allowing itself some contaminations in cultured music, without forgetting to reserve a space also for Italian music, in a kaleidoscopic musical proposal that is always exciting and convincing.

Since September 2015 the Bassano Bluespiritual Band has been led by Lorenzo Fattambrini who has initiated a profound artistic restructuring of the group, relaunching the BBB with a view particularly attentive to choral and instrumental execution, taking care of the vocal structure in an increasingly effective way and musical technician, with proposals of great impact and creating events that are always engaging on an emotional level and rich in content with a particular ethical and cultural depth.

special guestsChiara Luppi, Rossana Carraro

Duration: 2 ore circa (senza intervallo)

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