"Per questo mi chiamo Lorenzo" di e con Giancarlo Marinelli al TCVI il 29 gennaio 2024 per il Giorno della Memoria!
Giorno della Memoria

Per questo mi chiamo Lorenzo

Giancarlo Marinelli

Immersive narration with multivision


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This is why my name is Lorenzo is based on the novel of the same name The Silence of Having You Next, published by La Nave di Teseo.
“A boy who is no longer a boy” and who is becoming a father, undecided on the name to give to his soon-to-be-born son, one autumn day sticks his head through the grates of an old gate.
It is the entrance to a Villa marked by days that never passed in their lacerating tragedy; there in fact, following the racial laws, a group of Jews were locked up and then deported to concentration camps. Among them a young and beautiful girl named Geneva. That it is she, she was, and will always remain a "stumbling block" in the heart for a revolutionary communist named Almo and a revolutionary fascist named Marino.
Almo and Marino were brothers. And they are, respectively, the uncle and grandfather of the boy who is no longer a boy. Who will decide to cross the rust of that gate; to face the history of his family, his ghosts never pacified, his buried secrets, his unspoken iniquities. To come out different; a man, maybe a father, or something like that.

Giancarlo Marinelli

author and performerGiancarlo Marinelli
multivisionFrancesco Lopergolo
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