"Rapunzel - Il Musical" con Lorella Cuccarini al TCVI dall'1 al 3 dicembre 2023!
Family Show

Rapunzel - Il Musical


Friday 1 December, 20:45Sala Maggiore
Saturday 2 December, 16:00Sala Maggiore
Saturday 2 December, 20:45Sala Maggiore
Sunday 3 December, 17:00Sala Maggiore

Rapunzel the musical is a reworking of the famous fairy tale by the Grimm brothers which sees as the main protagonist Gothel, Grethel's sister and Rapunzel's stepmother, played by Lorella Cuccarini. A transposition of the work for the first time in the musical genre, with an all-Italian imprint.

Gothel is the princess of a kingdom who, due to compromised health, begins to live in the shadow of her sister Gretel who, beautiful and healthy, is designated queen in her place. Feeling rejected, she is dominated by an obsession with beauty and devotes herself to witchcraft and the study of medicinal herbs: this is how she discovers a flower with extraordinary power, capable of giving her new splendour. Gretel, having become queen, is unable to have children and falls seriously ill. The King asks his sister for a remedy to help his wife recover. Gothel thus prepares a filter with the flower, in exchange for a promise: the born child would be raised by herself. A girl named Rapunzel is born, with long blond hair that possesses the same magical power as the flower, Gothel's fountain of youth. Kidnapped and locked up in a tower by Gothel, the little girl grows up without any contact with the outside world, until her eighteenth birthday. On that day Phil, a light-hearted thief, who escaped after a theft, enters the tower and helps Rapunzel to get out and discover the surrounding reality. The escape becomes the moment of growth and awareness of Rapunzel who goes through a thousand vicissitudes: battles between guards and brigands, chases. Rapunzel discovers life and, when history seems to take a turn for the worse, love triumphs.

principal actorLorella Cuccarini
castSilvia Scartozzoni, Renato Crudo, Maurizio Semeraro, Mattia Inverni, Giacomo Marcheschi, Martina Lunghi, Matilde Pellegri, Alfonso Mottola, Jonathan Guerrero, Eleonora Peluso, Carlotta Sibilla, Ylenia Tocco, Erika Mariniello, Eleonora Segaluscio e altri attori in via di definizione
original music Davide Magnabosco, Alex Procacci, Paolo Barillari
set designAlessandro Chiti
costume designFrancesca Grossi
sound designFranco Patimo
musical direction and arrangementsDavide Magnabosco
choreographyRita Pivano
magic effectsErix Logan
aerial special effectsMax Martinelli
artistic directionAlessandro Longobardi
written and directed byMaurizio Colombi
productionViola Produzioni Centro di Produzione Teatrale

Duration: 2 ore e 30 minuti (compreso un intervallo)

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