"Darwin's Smile" di e con Isabella Rossellini al TCVI il 16 gennaio 2024!
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Darwin's Smile

Isabella Rossellini


Tuesday 16 January, 20:45Sala MaggioreBuy ticketBuy

Isabella Rossellini ‘s new one woman show Darwin’s Smile reconciles two worlds that are often at the opposite ends: art and science. Reading Charles Darwin’s book “The Expression of Emotions on Man and Animals” revealed to her that the continuity between human and animals can also be detected in the expression of emotions. Isabella explores how empathy, that is at the base of acting, is also necessary for the studies of animal behavior (ethology). The show is both a lesson on evolution and acting. In her usual comical tones, she demonstrates how acting could use to understand the mysterious nature of animals and their emotions. With humor and simple, innocent devices she plays on stage dogs, cats, chickens, peacocks, and of course Charles Darwin. The show is an opportunity to learn while being entertained and laughing all about the art of acting and complex scientific theories.

written byIsabella Rossellini
directed byMurielle Mayette -Holtz
costumes and set by

Rudy Sabounghi

light design byPascal Noël
music byCyril Giroux

Andy Byers e Rick Gilbert

poster designed by

Andy Byers

Isabella Rossellini's assistantGregorio Franchetti
Rudy Sabounghi's assistantJulien Soulier
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