"Venere Nemica" con Drusilla Foer al TCVI il 14 febbraio 2024!

Venere Nemica

Drusilla Foer


Wednesday 14 February, 20:45Sala MaggioreBuy ticketBuy

In the beginning it was Eleganzissima, the recital that was the first to introduce the theater audience to her ironic and sagacious talent. Now the iconic Lady with a unique style Drusilla Foer brings Venus Enemy to the stage, a text inspired by Apuleius' fable "Cupid and Psyche", reinterpreted in a crisp, funny, moving, sometimes tragic way, which touches on ancient and current themes, such as the mother-in-law/daughter-in-law competition, fading beauty, maternal possessiveness, the age-old conflict between men and gods.

performerDrusilla Foer
artistic directionFranco Godi

Duration: 90 minuti

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