The Festival

“Solid, growing steadily, dialectic and competent. That is the definition of Vicenza’s relations with the Dance, historically privileged and beloved of artists and spectators, promoters and sponsors. It is a relationship that, for over twenty-five years, through the projects of VicenzaDanza, has incorporated the latest developments in the field at the national and international level, with the constant development of important new projects tending to encourage artistic creativity and foster qualified international relations, closely monitoring the evolution, new poetics and new forms of choreographic expression”.
Piergiacomo Cirella and Loredana Bernardi – Artistic Directors

The Festival is billed as a “global” event, promoted by the City of Vicenza Civic Theater Foundation and by the Civic Theater Foundation of Schio that pervades the entertainment venues and urban spaces of the two cities, making the Dance, its expressive modes and relational potential, as the icon and identifying trait of the area. The festival occupies the entire area, with events scheduled at different locations, in the main theaters and artistic spaces, local monuments and plazas over a period of over two months with numerous performances, meetings and lectures featuring dance experts and artists, audience development opportunities and engagements that involve the public actively.