OTO e Alexander Lonquich al TCVI il 6 novembre 2023!

OTO | Alexander Lonquich

Le ultime di Mozart

Orchestra del Teatro Olimpico
Alexander Lonquich director

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Sinfonia n. 39 in Mi bemolle maggiore KV. 543
Sinfonia n. 40 in Sol minore KV 550
Sinfonia n. 41 in Do maggiore KV 551 "Jupiter"


Monday 6 November, 20:45Sala Maggiore

It is truly true that Mozart's fantastic world, his real world, had nothing to do with everyday miseries. Subjugated by debts to the pawnshop and bewildered by the death of his daughter, in 1788 the Salzburger created three stupendous symphonies, his last, united in a single large fresco. The 39 "Eroica", the 40 of considerable expressive commitment and the Jupiter, of suave majesty.

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OTO | Alexander Lonquich

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