"Il Paese dei Campanelli" della Compagnia Teatro Musica Novecento al TCVI il 4 febbraio 2024!

Il Paese dei Campanelli

Compagnia Teatro Musica Novecento

Operetta in two acts with live orchestra


Sunday 4 February, 17:00Sala Maggiore

In the Land of the Bells, the houses have a magical bell above the door that has always been inactive but which, according to a legend, could ring if the angel of the hearth were tempted to commit adultery inside the house. Things get complicated when a ship of handsome sailors arrives at the port, soon conquered by the ladies of the village. The bells begin to do their job, alerting the male population who will in turn be able to make up for it when, with another ship, and as a result of an unfortunate misunderstanding, the wives of the sailors arrive in town.

operetta in two actsVirgilio Ranzato e Carlo Lombardo
choreographySalvatore Loritto
directionAlessandro Brachetti
set and costume designArteScenica Reggio Emilia

Characters and performers

Bon BonSilvia Felisetti
La GaffeAlessandro Brachetti
NelaFederica Venturi
Capitano HansAntonio Colamorea
PomeraniaGraziella Barbacini
TomAlessandro Garuti
TarquinioFrancesco Mei
AttanasioFulvio Massa
BasilioMarco Falsetti

Duration: 2 ore e 15 minuti (compreso un intervallo)

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