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Bassam Abou Diab/Andrea Fahed


Thursday 16 March, 20:00Teatro Comunale di Vicenza - Sala del Ridotto

"My father told me he couldn't cry at his brother's funeral.". This story is about an honor killing, a brother, a sister, a death and two victims. Can a system be murderous? Can human connections be freed from their innocence and turned into hate, honor and death? How can a connection be created between two human beings and then be destroyed by a system that places honor and image before the humans who inhabit it? This performance will explore the weight this system creates on the body, the quality of movement generated by it. The artists will create a connection and translate these questions into a physical conversation with the audience.

Bassam Abou Diab is an artist, dancer specializing in contemporary dance and Middle Eastern folklore. After graduating in theater studies in Beirut in 2010, he started dancing with the Maqamat company and performed in many theater shows in Lebanon, directed by various directors including Nidal al Ashkar, Jawad al Asadi, Ossama Halal, Rouaida al Ghali, Badih Abou Chakra and Malek Andary. As an artist he has created, choreographed and danced three performances: "Not connected", "Under the flesh" and "Of what I Remember"; he recently co-created "Incontro" with Jacopo Jenna (performance of which they also interpret) and directed and choreographed "Palestinian Karma", a show for the National Academy of Rome, presented at the Ravello Festival in 2017. He is currently part of the 'APAP (Association of Performing Arts Presenters) - Performing Europe 2020.

Andrea Fahed graduated from the American University of Beirut with a BA in Psychology and a Diploma in Special Education. Her main dance practice was oriental dance, she was president of the belly dance club at the university and continues her training as a teacher. In 2021, Andrea entered the world of contemporary dance and is interested in every style and looking for every meeting point. She is now a board member of Beirut Physical Lab and project coordinator. Andrea has performed as a dancer and actress in 'Beiroot Bodies', 'We Are The Ones Who Live Here', 'The Invitation' and 'The New Ruler of Thebes'.

performers and co-choreographersBassam Abou Diab e Andrea Fahed

Duration: 20 minuti

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