Saturday 26 June 2021
Spazio Voll, Vicenza

Collettivo Jennifer rosa

The workshop is dedicated to improvisation courses starting from a repertoire of pop songs: the best hits known and danced by all, from which to be kidnapped or into which to be plunged in a sincere and "innocent" way, beyond stereotypes and preconstituted intentions, but also detailed and demanding. Give body to each song by adhering to its mood, in a variety of responses and possible physicality. To be ready to listen so that each piece finds in the body its particular dimension, opens precise imaginations and physically becomes sign, flesh, breath, skin, space, connection, world. Highlighting the threshold between imagination and action, in amazement at that dance unknown that is about to be born.

Thursday 8 July 2021
Civic Theater, Schio

Francesca Foscarini

Francesca Foscarini meets the participants of Dance Well in Schio and proposes the workshop The optimism of the body, open to all, based on her new creation present at the Festival Danza in Rete. Starting from the new project Punk. Kill me please, Francesca will share with the participants the same issues that are moving the research path, as well as the strategies that have been identified to activate a specific body language, a mental state, an intention. Punk. Kill me please is inspired by the musical phenomenon, but not only, of Punk that at the end of the 60s explodes in America and England as a form of rebellion against the conformism of society, the rules imposed, the artistic-cultural mainstream. Through various exercises carried out collectively the conditions will be created so that each participant can feel free to explore their physicality and creativity, so we will try to cross the concept manifesto of Punk: "Anyone can do it ! Do it your self!" opening to the boundless territory of possibilities.

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