Lost Letters
Danza in Rete

Lost Letters

Lucía Lacarra & Matthew Golding
Prima nazionale

Prima dello spettacolo, alle ore 20.00, nella Sala del Ridotto, condotto da Rossella Battisti, giornalista e critica di danza, che presenterà al pubblico lo stile neoclassico contemporaneo della compagnia, raccontando le vicende della sua recente creazione e del debutto al Teatro Arriaga di Bilbao nell’ottobre scorso.


Sunday 10 March, 20:45Sala Maggiore

In any country, throughout history, on the front lines and at home, letters provided a vital connection between soldiers and their families, friends, and especially their loved ones. But what could happen if one of those letters would get lost?
Based on the real letter that gunner Frank Bracey wrote to his wife Win, Lost Letters tells us how a woman's fate could change if she would never received the long-awaited letter from her loving husband.

Lost Letters is a ballet inspired on one hand by real love letters written during different wars throughout history, and on the other hand by an old exhibition at the Smithsonian National Postal Museum, about letters lost during wars. It is a work that transforms real events into an original story

choreographyMattew Golding

assistant coreography

Gianluca Battaglia
concept and directionLucía Lacarra & Mattew Golding

Rachmaninov & Max Richter

film directionMattew Golding & Ekain Albite
costume designLucía Lacarra & Gianluca Battaglia

Duration: 1 ora e 10 minuti (senza intervallo)

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