"Les Misérables - o della miseria umana" di C&C Company in scena il 23 luglio al TCVI

Les Miserables

C&C Company
National premiere and co-production of Festival Danza in Rete

Selected for Open Studios - NID Platform 2019


Friday 23 July, 20:00Teatro Comunale di Vicenza - Sala Maggiore

A merciless and immoral fresco on today, a contemporary middle-bourgeois drama at times familiar, resounds, we are "involuntarily" accomplices. A roundup of stereotypes, of already seen, already said, agitated. The question, "What’s going on around us?" is the genesis of this creation: an in-depth study of international current events and the search for connections between the forms of protest present - rarely based on the idea of evolution and human revolution - and the historical vision enlightened (enlightened) which puts Culture and Art at the center of change.

choreographerCarlo Massari
original creationCarlo Massari / C&C Company
co-productionTriangolo Scaleno / Teatri di vetro
interpretersCarlo Massari, Alice Monti, Stefano Roveda, Nicola Stasi
vocal coachChiara Osella
with the collaboration ofFestival Danza in Rete, Lavanderia a Vapore, Residenze: Lavanderia a vapore (TO), AFI Residenze Habitat (BO), Supercinema Tuscania (VT), Teatro India (RM) 

Duration: 50 minuti