"Simposio del Silenzio" di Lucrezia Maimone al Festival Danza in Rete il 5 giugno 2021
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Symposium of Silence

Lucrezia Maimone / Zerogrammi

Winning project of CollaborAction KIDS # 1 - action of the Antibody Network XL


Saturday 5 June, 20:00Teatro Astra Vicenza

In the complex journey from childhood to adulthood, adolescence is the transitory place of restlessness, transformations, where dreams and desires are projected to the future by dialogue with reality. As fairy tales teach us, however, this is a necessary journey to understand who we are.

In Symposium of Silence: a story between dance, clowning and theater, conceived and built as a fairy tale journey into the dark world of the unconscious, whose geographies are inspired by Lorenzo Mattotti’s illustrations.

At the center of the story is the restlessness and fragility of a young girl and her clumsy interrogative relationship with big and heavy books. As bearers of hypothetical answers, these books, almost endowed with a life of their own, join her on a vertical journey in which she will look for her real self.

a creation ofLucrezia Maimone
freely inspired by the graphic works ofLorenzo Mattotti
castLucrezia Maimone, Damien Camunez
sound environmentLorenzo Crivellari
violinElsa Paglietti
choreographic collaborationStefano Mazzotta

Duration: 55 minuti