"Stretching one's arms again" di Lucrezia Gabrieli al festival Danza in Rete il 25 giugno 2021
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Stretching one's arms again

Lucrezia Gabrieli
Regional premiere

Selected for Anghiari Dance Hub 2019
Anticorpi Explo – traces of young author dance
Selected for the Young Dance Showcase - Anticorpi XL 2019


Friday 25 June, 20:30Teatro Comunale di Vicenza - Sala del Ridotto

The project will involve the viewer in a visual experience of abstraction of reality: the interest is not aimed at description but at creating the atmosphere and the sensitive weight of a portion of reality.

Taking inspiration from Mark Rothko’s Untitled (Blue, Yellow, Green on Red) and using the chromatic and choreographic code, we enter the world of ideas and humanity. We explore the individualistic character of man, the need for exchange, the demarcation of a space in which we can play with balance, rhythm, closeness.

idea and choreographyLucrezia C. Gabrieli
dancersBeatrice D'Amelio, Lucrezia C. Gabrieli
musicGiacomo Calli e Giacomo Ceschi
productionAnghiari Dance Hub, Versiliadanza
co-productionCID - Centro Internazionale della Danza
with the support ofAssociazione Sosta Palmizi
with the collaboration of

Fondazione Teatro Comunale Città di Vicenza, Auditorium Ballet, Associazione Culturale RicercArti, 42STEMS

Duration: 45 minuti