Remember my (lost) family di Nicolas Grimaldi Capitello al Festival Danza in Rete il 19 giugno 2021
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Remember my (lost) family

Nicolas Grimaldi Capitello
National premiere and co-production of the Festival Danza in Rete

Anticorpi Explo – traces of young author dance
The fragment "Lost in this (un)stable life" has been selected for the Young Dance Showcase - Anticorpi XL 2019
National premiere and co-production of the Festival Danza in Rete


Saturday 19 June, 20:00Teatro Comunale di Vicenza - Sala del Ridotto

The performance tells the life cycle of a family that lives the separation of parents as an emotional rupture that mutates and upsets their being. A couple, between fleeting looks, interrupted words and missed contacts, creates a love story made of hugs, kisses and conjunctions, a story destined to die for the lack of balance between the two strong and contrasting personalities, bringing us into a confined space, from the infantile atmosphere, where we will see father and son playing a game-fight to dominate each other and free the pain that have been inflicted on each other.

coreographer and directorNicolas Grimaldi Capitello
performersEleonora Greco, Nicolas Grimaldi Capitello e Francesco Russo
assistent and videomakerNyko Piscopo
assistentSibilla Celesia
music designerLuigi Sica
co-productionFondazione Teatro Comunale Città di Vicenza / Festival Danza in Rete
artistic residencesTeatri Associati della Campania/Residenza MU.D; Inteatro Residenze
a special thank toCompagnia Körper; L'asilo, Vetrina della giovane danza d'autore/Anticorpi XL

Duration: 40 minuti