"Space Oddity_live" di Sara Sguotti al Festival Danza in Rete il 24 luglio 2021
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Space Oddity_live

Sara Sguotti
Regional premiere and co-production of Festival Danza in Rete

Anticorpi Explo - traces of young author dance
Selected for the Showcase of young designer dance - Anticorpi XL 2019


Saturday 24 July, 20:30Teatro Comunale di Vicenza - Sala del Ridotto

Space Oddity_live is a dedication to the live audience. It lives on the relationship with space, time and the people who decide to share this device secretly. It is movement and is inspired by everything that is the contour creating infinite relationships, starting from the aesthetics of the place and reaching the intimate of the individual, binding what is far with what is close, creating invisible connections that live only of the imagination of the ego. It is allowed thanks to the study of the place and is limited by a time that I call "the five minutes of glory of solitude". This is dictated by an hourglass that will determine the activation and vanishing of relationships. The re-elaboration of the near space of the here and the near space of the elsewhere will be the key to the happenings.

idea and choreographySara Sguotti
interpreterSara Sguotti
technical equipmentMattia Bagnoli
artistic adviceElena Giannotti, Sa.Ni. Nicola Cisternino
productionTwain Centro di Produzione Danza
co-productionFondazione Teatro Comunale Città di Vicenza
with the support ofAtelier delle Arti e Armunia

Duration: 40 minuti