"The Halley Solo" di Fabrizio Favale al Festival Danza in Rete il 19 giugno 2021
Urban Dance

The Halley Solo

Fabrizio Favale / Le Supplici


Saturday 19 June, 17:00Palazzo Chiericati

As if to imitate the trajectory of a periodic celestial body, this dance assumes the negation of a beginning and an end, thus projecting itself to infinity in a cyclical return. To do this, and to highlight exclusively the speed of its appearance, this choreographic work must first of all get rid of any narrative reference, conceptual content and even a scenic set. As an event of nature, or a cosmic event, or as a hypothetical exercise, the dancer appears in the disarming simplicity of his dance, which is only realized in its dynamics and arabesques and gluttons that compose it.

concept and choreographyFabrizio Favale
dancerVincenzo Cappuccio
musicautori vari
productionKLm - Kinkaleri / Le Supplici / mk
with the contribution ofMIC, Regione Emilia-Romagna

Duration: 20 minuti