Vicenza Jazz

Michel Godard & Danilo Rea “La finestra di Puccini" + Tiger Trio: Nicole Mitchell, Joelle Leandre, Myra Melford


Wednesday 17 May, 21:00Teatro Olimpico di Vicenza

Michel Godard & Danilo Rea

Danilo Rea and Michel Godard share a passion for Giacomo Puccini. Not new to reinterpretations in a jazz key, the music of the famous opera composer is however here stripped of any mannerisms. Rea and Godard do not give up some of the most famous arias, but also draw from the lesser-known melodies of the composer from Lucca and add original songs created "in the manner of".

Michel Godard (tuba e serpent), Danilo Rea (piano)

Tiger Trio: Nicole Mitchell, Joelle Leandre, Myra Melford

The Tiger Trio is the apotheosis of "spontaneous composition". Together since 2015 (the debut on record is from 2016: Unleashed) Nicole Mitchell, Joëlle Léandre and Myra Melford are pioneers of a futuristic jazz with a high improvisational gradation. But for their music to express such a sense of freedom, the three musicians interact with extreme discipline and a sharply focused interplay.

Nicole Mitchell (flute, vocal), Joelle Leandre (double bass, vocal), Myra Melford (piano)


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