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Donny McCaslin Quartet + Fabrizio Bosso-Rosario Giuliani “The Connection”


Thursday 18 May, 21:00Teatro Comunale di Vicenza - Sala del Ridotto

Donny McCaslin Quartet

Donny McCaslin, born in 1966 and raised in Santa Cruz (California), took up the sax at the age of twelve. His activity as a sideman has led him to engage with countless artists both on record and live. Since 2014 he has collaborated with David Bowie, first for the single Sue (Or in a Season of Crime) then for the album Blackstar, which will go down in history as Bowie's musical testament, who disappeared just a couple of days after its publication. McCaslin kept the band together that made that record: Jason Lindner, Tim Lefebvre and Mark Guiliana on drums. Together they recorded the album Beyond Now (2016), in which the inspiration between jazz and electronics of the last Bowie converges. For the live activity, Nate Wood takes the place of Guiliana.

Donny McCaslin (sax), Tim Lefebvre (double bass, bass), Jason Lindner (keyboards), Nate Wood (drums)

Fabrizio Bosso-Rosario Giuliani “The Connection”

The one between Fabrizio Bosso and Rosario Giuliani for Connection (CD released in 2021) is not a casual meeting, but the reconfirmation of a musical and human affinity that has had the opportunity to manifest itself several times in over twenty years. For this new shared project, these two leading Italian jazz soloists have prepared a largely original repertoire, with a marked rhythmic connotation. Fabrizio Bosso (Turin, 1973) has been the Italian trumpeter on the rise for years, and his race for success does not seem to stop in the slightest. Even the talent of Rosario Giuliani (born in Terracina in 1967), based on the Parker model, has been widely recognized internationally.

Fabrizio Bosso (trumpet), Rosario Giuliani (sax), Alberto Gurrisi (hammond), Marco Valeri (drums)



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