Vicenza Jazz

Rachel Eckroth “The Garden” + Hamid Drake “Tribute to Alice Coltrane”


Saturday 20 May, 21:00Teatro Comunale di Vicenza - Sala del Ridotto

Rachel Eckroth “The Garden”

Keyboardist of the Meredith Vieira Show house band, Rachel Eckroth also offers herself as a singer-songwriter starting with the release of the album Let Go (2014). The Garden (Rainy Days Records, 2021), his most recent project, is a dive into the fanta-avant-garde: dreamlike, exploratory, capable of immersing the entire history of jazz in an electronic bath. For the recording it made use of a cast of specialists in electro-jazz adventures: Tim Lefebvre, Donny McCaslin, Nir Felder.

Rachel Eckroth (keyboards, piano, vocal), Anna Butterss (bass, double bass), John Hadfield (drums)

Hamid Drake “Tribute to Alice Coltrane”

At Vicenza Jazz Hamid Drake leads a group with varied instrumentation, for a highly significant project: a tribute to Alice Coltrane, pianist, harpist, band leader, composer. And wife of John Coltrane. Alice's musical career, already well underway before meeting John, reached its peak after his death. During the seventies he brought spiritual, meditative and transcendental contents to the maximum sound development, in a season of unrepeatable musical experiments well documented by the Impulse! label.

Ndoho Ange (dance), Sheila Maurice Grey (trumpet, vocal), Jan Bang (eletronics effects), Jamie Saft (piano, keyboard), Pasquale Mirra (vibraphone), Bradley Jones (double bass), Hamid Drake (drums, percussion, vocal)         


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