Vicenza Jazz

Piano Solo Corpo Solo

Simone Graziano & Claudia Caldarano 


Sunday 14 May, 18:00Palazzo Chiericati

“Piano Solo Corpo Solo” is a performance/concert deeply linked to our time. A time of denial of the "outside" and of contact, of violation of the body and of freedom, of isolation and confusion: Simone Graziano and Claudia Caldarano start from these assumptions to seek an intimate and profound connection with themselves and with others. Sound and movement are emotion, tactility, vision; they are the expression of inner impulses that seek to free themselves. “Piano Solo Corpo Solo” is the result of the research of two solitudes: Piano Solo (the pieces for prepared piano composed and played live by Simone Graziano, taken from his album Embracing the Future) and Corpo Solo (the choreographic composition by Claudia Caldarano ).

Simone Graziano (pianoforte), Claudia Caldarano (danza)


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