Nils Petter Molvær Band


Il concerto, inizialmente previsto all'Hangar del Parco della Pace, si terrà nella Sala Maggiore del Teatro Comunale di Vicenza.


Thursday 1 July, 20:30Teatro Comunale di Vicenza - Sala Maggiore

Epic, with the inevitable lysergic pages with a Milesdavisian sound, the psychotropic effects of sculpted or sometimes dissolved rhythms between one electronic squiggle and another, but also with brackets of Pinkfloydian guitar fervor: Buoyancy (on 2016 OKeh record) is a perfect concentrate of what Nils Petter Molvær has been playing for a couple of decades, a Scandinavian nu jazz that proceeds and insinuates itself into the plots of modern jazz like a karst river.

Born in 1960 and raised on an island in Norway, Nils Petter Molvær left her just of age to study at the Trondheim Conservatory. His first artistic collaborations led him to the ECM label, which in 1997 then produced his debut album as leader, Khmer, which already almost definitively fixed the traits of his music, on which he still works today without having minimally lost of relevance. British acid jazz undergoes a corrosive treatment to the sound of drum'n'bass and jungle rhythms and ambient-style sound washes: Molvær's profoundly innovative vocation still remains unparalleled in this genre, despite many others after him. have tried their hand at techno-ethno sound experiments.

Nils Petter Molværtrumpet
Jo Berger Myhreguitar&bass
Erland Dahlendrums
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