Gonzalo Rubalcaba & Aymée Nuviola

“Viento y Tiempo”

In case of bad weather the concert will be moved to the Civic Theater of Vicenza


Monday 5 July, 20:30Parco Querini (ingresso da Viale Mariano Rumor 15)

The musical encounter between Gonzalo Rubalcaba and Aymée Nuviola is not the result of chance or a marketing strategy; it is simply a return to origins, indeed, literally, to childhood. Indeed, Gonzalo and Aymée have known each other since they were children, when they were brought by their mothers to the Havana Conservatory to study piano. Companions of studies, Gonzalo and Aymée then became internationally renowned artists, each following their own path.

Gonzalo Rubalcaba (Havana, 1963), after a long apprenticeship in the Cuban music environment, was 'discovered' by Dizzy Gillespie in 1985. The following year Charlie Haden introduced him to the realm of jazz, inserting him in his trio with Paul Motian and thus launching his international career. Rubalcaba immediately establishes himself as a pianist capable of combining the Latin and Afro universe, interpreting both the most rhythmic and visceral aspects and the most lyrical atmospheres in the white heat, with an acrobatic technique that is never invasive and a refinement of touch and sound. to be the envy of the most celebrated classical pianists.

Aymée Nuviola (Havana, 1973) was born into a family of musicians. It is therefore not surprising that he started playing the piano at the age of three. Even as a singer her beginnings are precocious: at nine she was already considered a professional. Cuban rhythms, often in contact with the jazz language, are his musical motherland. In recent years, his vocation for Latin-tropical music has been honored at both the Grammy Awards and the Latin Grammys.

Now, together again, Gonzalo and Aymée have created the "Viento Y Tiempo" project (released on disc in 2020), which leads them to confront Afro-Cuban music in its most exciting meaning, that of dance rhythms that are like tour de force, melodies that require all the passion the performers are capable of.

Gonzalo Rubalcabapianoforte, sintetizzatore
Aymée Nuviolavoce
Cristobal "El Profe" Verdeciabasso
Hilario Bellbatteria
Neiger "Majito" Aguilerapercussioni
Yunio Arrontesax
Lourdes Nuviolavocalist
Alfred Lugovocalist
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