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Milk Wood

National premiere

Departure from Basilica Palladiana and continuation to Palazzo Thiene and Giardino del Teatro Olimpico


Thursday 6 October, 19:00Basilica Palladiana
Thursday 6 October, 20:00Basilica Palladiana

A special project completely unpublished, a theater and poetic reading to celebrate the Olympic that opens to other worlds, a joyful celebration designed for the UNESCO heritage sites in the Veneto that will be staged in symbolic places of the City, starting from the Palladian Basilica, continuing to Palazzo Thiene and the Garden of the Olympic Theatre, with a recital at 19.00 and then at 20.00. The actors Jane Alexander, Giorgio Marchesi and Emilio Solfrizzi - each in his "forest" - will interpret the verses of Dylan Thomas, romantic and absolute artist, precursor of the Beat Generation, with the idea of transforming the city and the natural landscape in a large open-air theater. "To do this, however, we need a text and, together, a topos able to welcome it, to be, rather than the frame, the place, the stage is 'ideal' for its staging. Not a theatrical marathon for its own sake; but to transform, over the course of the hours, the place chosen in the exclusive and only theatrical home of a story that only there can be narrated and only at that moment".

tratto daUnder Milkwood di Dylan Thomas
conJane Alexander, Emilio Solfrizzi, Giorgio Marchesi
progettoCiclo di Spettacoli Classici
in collaborazione conArteven Circuito Regionale Multidisciplinare


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